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Regenecare Sport Collagen

REGENECARE SPORT is a pure ALL IN 1 collagen that, together with a balanced diet, can contribute to:

  • -Promote the natural production of collagen in your body.
  • -Some studies affirm that collagen can promote the delay of the natural signs of aging.
  • -Foster the growth of your hair.
  • -Favor the luminosity of your skin.
  • -Foster your bone and joint system.
  • -Foster the elasticity and firmness of your skin.
  • -Proven to help you stay active.
  • -Regain muscle mass.
  • -Helps reduce joint, back and hip pain.


It contains vitamins and minerals that enhance its effectiveness such as BIOTIN, VITAMIN C and MAGNESIUM.

Contains BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) Amino acids are components of proteins, and are the last molecules in which protein elements are transformed after digestion. Its main function is the formation of proteins in the body.

You don’t need to come up with preparations every day to consume it. It is easy to use.

It is a hydrolyzed liquid collagen, that is, it is absorbed faster and more efficiently than other collagens.


Take 2 tablespoons during the day or after doing your physical activity.

To obtain all its benefits it is important that you eat properly and have good habits such as exercising and having a very good stress control.

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Throughout these years we have worked with many ambassadors.

Regenecare Regenecare
  • Shannon De Lima
  • Juan Pablo Llano
  • Marcela Reyes
  • Jairo Zapata


¿Saben que es lo mejor de terminar el día? Tomar una ducha relajante, realizar mi rutina de belleza e irme a descansar con Regenecare dorado colágeno líquido hidrolizado, mi recompensa. Regenecare dorado además del colágeno, valioso para mí organismo, me trae biotina, especial para mí cabello, magnesio, importante para mi funcionamiento interno y vitamina C con aporte nutricional, además tiene un delicioso sabor a durazno que hace de esta experiencia algo único y diferente.

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What does it taste like?

It has a delicious blueberry flavor.

How long does the bottle last?

It lasts between 25 and 30 days.

What is the difference between regenecare dorado and regenecare sport (the blue bottle)?

Both collagens have the same components. The difference is that REGENECARE SPORT, additionally, contains BCAA’s that contribute to your muscle recovery, which is why it is a collagen recommended for very active people during the day.

Where does collagen come from?

It is a collagen of bovine origin. One of the most effective on the market.

From what time do I start to see results?

From the first bottle if you are disciplined by taking it every day in the recommended dose and if you follow good habits such as a balanced diet, exercise and good stress management.

Can I mix it into juices or other drinks?

It is not recommended. REGENECARE collagen formulas are specially designed to take directly and make your life easier. Without having to make culinary preparations.

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