n these times, where life has become hectic due to the unforeseen changes that the coronavirus and confinement have brought, it is increasingly common to sleep less than eight hours. In fact, according to the BBC, 30% of Americans sleep less than six hours a night, two hours less than recommended by health professionals.


But why is it important for your health to sleep 8 hours? Well, the hours of sleep not only fulfill a decontracting function of our physical state but also help our brain to improve processes, which are active while we sleep, aimed at learning and memory.


Subtracting hours of sleep can result not only in body fatigue, but also in lack of concentration, lack of reaction and settling of our memory.


On the other hand, our body is more prone to heart disease, mental health (such as depression or anxiety), hypertension, diabetes, among others. The lack of hours of sleep affects the functioning of our brain, preventing it from performing basic functions normally, presenting a risk not only to ourselves but also to third parties, such as a traffic accident.


Benefits of sleeping 8 hours:


Improvement of the immune system.

Weight stability.

Reduced risk of contracting diseases.

Decreased stress and anxiety.

Greater clarity to think and act at work and in studies.


Sleeping eight hours a day will represent an improvement in our mood and general health. After an optimal night's sleep you will have a better performance during the day, it will help you make better decisions, you will feel more alert, optimistic and it will help you have a better relationship with people.